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We know that choosing a school or university and working out which exams and subjects to sit can be a minefield. It’s tricky enough for those in the country but even more challenging when you’re moving from abroad.
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We are here to help, and take the stress out of the process.​

We provide general advice about any and all educational issues – from finding the right education psychologist, tutor or mentor, to determining which options are a good fit for the student, deciding where to apply, how to apply, form filling, admission requirements, submission timelines, finances, which entrance exams you need to study for…and anything else you need to know.

We help families navigate the school, college and university admissions process, which is often a demanding and stressful time for students and parents. With an extended network of experts here in the UK and the States, we have a detailed and intimate knowledge of many schools and universities and can efficiently compile a comprehensive profile of options and next steps.

Families we work with appreciate this helping hand, often helping many children in the same family – and in some cases, two generations of children.

And of course, once they are happy with their chosen school, college or university, we can provide exam preparation and mentor students, building their confidence and academic abilities.

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