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US/UK University Applications

We offer guidance and assistance with the application process to universities in the UK (UCAS) and in the USA.
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Our team of experts can provide help with every element of the application process.

This could include:

  • Help with Personal Statements
  • Presentation techniques
  • Voice coaching and confidence building
  • Interview skills
  • SAT or ACT preparation
  • Help with application essays

We offer advice on how to apply to universities: which courses to study, how to prepare a good application form and how to handle interviews. We also arrange mock interviews and give feedback on performance.

In the UK, filling in a UCAS form and writing a good Personal Statement are essential to a good university application; we can offer detailed advice about this to help students prepare the best possible Personal Statement. Additionally, we guide students through the complex application system for American universities, including how to write application essays. We also prepare students for the SAT and ACT exams.

James has extensive experience in the university application process; as a former Principal of a private school in London, he has advised many students on their future education. We are privileged to have him on board!

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