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Tutoring Services

We offer a range of tutoring services, from individual sessions to intensive courses, full timetables, home schooling and even residential placements.

Tuition Levels

  • Common Entrance Exams

    We prepare children for their 11+ and 13+ ISEB Common Entrance exams, and also for the independent entrance exams (from 7+ to 16+) set by various private schools. Regular weekly lessons build the student’s knowledge base and confidence. Practicing past papers and learning exam technique, means that nothing comes as a shock and is a less stressful way of preparing. We have helped students gain places to many of the leading independent schools in the UK.


    We can organise as much tuition as necessary to help children gain confidence and build knowledge in any GCSE subject. This can be weekly sessions, revision courses or one-off sessions to iron out any challenges.

  • International Baccalaureate

    Our tutors can help with every element of the IB programme. This could include developing independent study, organisational and time management skills, curriculum-based tuition, guidance with Extended Essays and any exam revision or resits. Our tutors can even provide mentorship to assist with personal development.

  • A Level

    We can organise tuition to help students gain confidence and build knowledge in any A level subject. This can be weekly sessions, revision courses or one-off sessions. Should you be embarking on your A levels outside of a school setting, we are able to arrange for you to sit your exams at an external registered centre. And, of course, tutor, mentor and guide you along the way. You are not alone!

  • SAT & ACT

    Students who are applying to study in America would normally sit one of two admission tests - the SAT or the ACT. Taking at least one of these is required by most (but not all) universities in America. Our tutors can help students prepare for the SAT Reasoning Test, the optional essay, and subject tests should these be required by the university. And, of course, we're always here for any last minute revision for resits! We can help students prepare for the ACT, as well as the additional writing section, which might be required by the more competitive American universities.

  • University

    We know that sometimes, even at university, there may be things that aren’t clear. Our tutors are all fully educated to degree level or beyond, so will be able to set you on the right path.

Online Tuition

Online tuition offers great flexibility, eliminates travel, and capitalises on the creative and effective methods developed for teaching and learning online. We provide online tuition as regular weekly lessons, extra help with revision and study skills, as well as support to those at boarding school who would like one-to-one time. Online tuition is useful when students are at boarding school, overseas during school holidays, or when needing more immediate help. For example, if a student is stuck on an essay question or a piece of coursework and just need someone to point them in the right direction, they can contact us to arrange a slot with a tutor to help them out. This means that we can offer support all year round, wherever you are and whenever you need it.

Private Home Tuition

Home tuition has many benefits, especially for pupils who find it easier to learn with a tutor in the room. Should you be within reach, then our tutors are available for home tuition in London.

Timetable coordination

For an upfront fee, we will coordinate a timetable for you should you want tuition that requires more than one tutor and subject area. This service is available all year round but is most often requested for revision timetables in the busy lead-up to the exams, and in school holidays/exeats from boarding schools. It takes away the stress from you at these busy times of year when there is already quite enough to do! You can of course also arrange your own times directly with our tutors for no extra fee, which is usually the case with more regular ongoing tuition.

Residential Placements

Some clients need to balance their children’s educational needs with obligations away from home. We can provide tutors/mentors to travel with families on holidays or extended trips in the UK and abroad.

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