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5 Ways To Support Your Child Through Exam Revision

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As a parent, it can be tough to know how to best support your child during exam revision. London International Tutors is here to help with five top tips on supporting your child through this crucial time. From providing structure and routine to being a sounding board for worries, the role of parents is vital. Read on for our top five tips on supporting your child through exam revision.

1. Talk to your child about their revision goals and plan out a timetable together

As exams approach and students prepare to knuckle down and revise hard, the support of a parent is invaluable. Talking to your child about their revision goals and helping them to plan out a sensible timetable will be both encouraging and beneficial to build their confidence. Working together on this can help guide them in choosing which topics they need to focus on, ensuring they have time for physical activity as well as rest periods.

2. Help them create a study space that is comfortable and free from distractions

Exam revision is a stressful, yet important time for any child. To ensure that your child can make the best use of their revision time it is prudent to create a study space free from distractions. For maximum peace and quiet, create a study space in their bedroom or choose any room that is away from any external noise.

Consider adding comfortable furniture to the space and necessary reading materials to help motivate them. You want your child to remain focused and motivated during their revision period, therefore making the environment as inviting as possible should help – perhaps consider colourful pictures or shelves filled with rewards they can work towards. It’s also beneficial to think about practical solutions like reliable internet connection and lighting.

3. Encourage them to take breaks, both mental and physical, throughout their revision process

Exams can be a stressful time for everyone, and that’s why it’s especially important to keep your child motivated and encourage them to take regular breaks throughout the revision process. Not only is it healthier in terms of both physical and mental well-being, but physical activities like exercise or sports can give your child a chance to clear their head and think about something other than studying.

Even just taking a break from their desk for 10 minutes can help them come back with a fresh perspective. If you’re searching for ways to add some excitement and fun to revision sessions, London International Tutors can provide experienced tutors who understand how to engage students with activities that make studying enjoyable.

4. Make sure they are eating healthy meals and getting enough sleep

Exam revision can feel like a marathon so it’s essential that children are taking good care of their physical and mental health in order to succeed. To help support your child during this stressful period, ensure they’re getting enough sleep and eating nutritious meals every day. Taking the time to look after themselves can encourage positive study practices and pave the way for success.

5. Be available to answer any questions they may have or help them review specific material

Supporting your child during exam revision can be a challenge, but it’s important to be available as they work through the material. If they have any questions, use these opportunities to open up conversations and make sure they feel comfortable asking for help.

An experienced tutor can assist with exam revision and help your child break down complex topics and identify potential areas where extra support may be needed. Having the guidance of a tutor can give your child the confidence they need during this time.

Exam revision can be a difficult but incredibly rewarding experience. It takes commitment and effort on both the part of your child and you as a parent or guardian in order to make sure the process is successful. By following the five tips on supporting your child through exam revision, such as helping them to plan out a timetable, setting up a comfortable study space, mid-process breaks, healthy eating habits and introducing tutors from London International Tutors into their revision plan, you are showcasing your support for their educational development.

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